Registered Drivers for the TUSA Copper State Modlites.

List is tentative to change, more drivers will be added as memberships are forwarded to the webmaster from the director. If you don’t see your name on the list, or would like to update your sponsors please use the Contact Us page to inform us.


Driver Car # Sponsors
Kelley Ryan 00 Independence Home Remodeling
Brett Duncan 02
Dino Soto 2
Taylor Kuehl 2K
Thomas Parker 2T
Dallas Caldwell 5
PJ Jinzo 5J All Pro Towing
Travis Meulebroeck 6
Mike Ryan 11 Independence Home Remodeling
Tony Martin 14 Martin Transport
Ryan Gilleland 17
Lance White 19
Joey Pennington 19x
Jeff Eckart 20
Jimmy Terstriep 21
Erin Harrison 30
Shane Hinsley 33
Michael Smith 36
AJ Martin 41 Martin Transport
Jason Burstein 48
Lexus Gann 55
Scott Strei 58
Michael Humphries 69
Ted Lelis 75
John Myers 76
Austin Kuehl 77
John Schavina 84
Terry Cornwell 88
JC Gilleland 117