Copper State Modlites

Copper State Modlites was founded with the intention of promoting modlite racing across Arizona. Modlites were brought to Arizona in 2006 and have quickly become a fan favorite. With so many fans wanting a piece of the action, it was important that we make it possible to bring modlite racing to more tracks across Arizona.


TUSA Arizona RegionTeam United Sanctioning Association is a national modlite sanctioning body that enforces and promotes modlite racing in a positive manner. Rules are set by a national board that ensures that cars stay consistent across the country. This national sanctioning body gives Copper State Modlites an advantage through the support of TUSA officials and racers across the world. Modlite drivers are able to race for points in region races which may qualify them for the modlite nationals race in Florida.

Copper State Modlites are proud to run under TUSA sanctioning in the Arizona region.