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Mike Ryan Wins in Prescott

Prescott, Arizona – 17 modlites showed up to battle it out at Prescott Valley Speedway in what would be an exciting night of racing.

The night started off with Lance White winning his trophy dash in his car covered in a tribute to the Prescott Granite Mountain Hot Shots on the anniversary of this tragedy. Many of the hot shot’s family members were there to watch Lance White drive the iconic car to Victory Lane which was very special.

Mike Ryan won the main event after starting 4th and making his way to the front on the high side. Mike has faced many motor problems these past couple of races that have left him in the back. It’s good to see him back up front. With this win, he takes over the points lead. Josh Riverra proved how consistent he is with a second place run starting from the 5th position. Dino Soto finished third, and rookie Brett Duncan finished 4th. Some other notables that usually run up front at Prescott Valley Speedway are PJ Jinzo and Kelley Ryan who were both involved in wrecks earlier in the race.

We want to thank everyone that made it out to race and put on a show for the fans. Full finishing results are listed below.


Position Driver
1 Mike Ryan
2 Josh Riverra
3 Dino Soto
4 Brett Duncan
5 Scott Strei
6 Lexus Gann
7 John Schavina
8 Lance White
9 John Myers
10 Terry Cornwell
11 Shane Heinsley
12 Erin Harrison
13 PJ Jinzo
14 David Viss
15 AJ Martin
16 Kelley Ryan
17 Fred Donaldson



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